Primer Drizzle


The perfect way to prep your hair for wash day! We've been oiling with our Primer Drizzle from scalp to ends 5 min before shampooing and LET.US.TELL.YOU.....the feel it gives your hair is unmatched. Hair will feel healthier, respond better to heat, and your scalp will thank you for giving it the attention it needs. Adding this step to our wash day routine has dramatically improved the way our kurls coil, bounce, and shine!

How do I use this?!

We love to massage our Primer Drizzle directly onto the scalp for at least 5 mins (bonus points if you massage with the steam from your shower to penetrate deeper). Follow with your typical shampoo and conditioner routine!

What are the ingredients?

A wondrous blend of fatty, cuticle penetrating rice bran oil teams up with breakage reducing, frizz minimizing avocado oil to cover your haircare bases! 

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