Banana Pudding Whipped Body Butter Cake Jar

$32.50 $65

What is it: Your new BFF for smooth, hydrated skin that smells lickable. 🍌 We believe that if you have skin, you need to be moisturizing with our Whipped Body Butters. They're thick, decadent, and non-greasy, designed to last from application to removal! 

How to use it: Once you're fresh out of a steamy shower, scoop out a dollop, liquify it between your palms, then apply to warm & slightly dampened skin. Feel free to reapply throughout the day, but trust us, you wont need to! 

What does it smell like: Picture this: you crack open this cute AF jar, and you're hit with the most delish scent ever – like a freshly whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, & ripened bananas! It's creamy, dreamy, and totally gonna make you crave a slice. Plus, that handmade cake jar with a nila wafer and a banana slice on top? So coquette coded. Get ready to glow and smell like a snack, 'cause this body butter is chef's kiss perfection!


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